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Page was created in 2012. Therefore some of the earlier news will have been lost.

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Added a link to my new blog and updated Competitions. Kept tweaking the site slightly.

Moved Döende hopp, pyrande hat from Mostly Completed to Being Edited. Also added a news archive.

Working on that redesign of the site. It's not even partially done yet.


Updated Being Written with this years NaNoWriMo novel. Got a couple of chapters left, but I won this year!

Flutter of Wings, the new library, has been finished for a while now. All stories that have been featured here can be found there, plus some new ones. Check it out!
Didn't mean to neglect this site. But the wicked never rest and I'm super-busy. I've moved Tien to Mostly Completed and Alumina to Being Written, since I'm re-writing parts of it. I've added the new children's book, Jenna: Själaärr, to Being Written.
I've also started to update Competitions, but had to stop half-way through. It looks a little wonky, but bear with me until I can finish, kay?


Doing some tweaking to the site. Not sure when it will be finished.

I've removed the Skrivpuff-section from the library as it is currently being moved to the new site. I'm really excited about the site! Hopefully it will turn out really well - keep your fingers crossed!