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Five more drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge: The Hardest Thing in This World is to Live in It, Black Lace on Sweat, The Lobsters, Loving You and Walking With My Shoes in My Hands.

I've published another five drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge: Sex is Boring, Cuddling is the Best, Somebody to Lean On, Summer Boy and I'll Stand by You.

I'm participating in a challenge, 100 Drabbles of Summer. I apparently forgot to put up a link to the one story that's been published: She who Believed in Fairytales, published June 2nd.

I've published a new short-story in the Skrivpuff-section, Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus. It's a part of my Erik och Darla verse.
It seems like when I fix one thing that makes the layout wonky, another issue comes out to play. Don't worry, I will fix the story pages. I just ask for your patience while I do so.

I have now fixed notemeetsletter and Challenge fic, as well. I noticed that I'd forgotten to add comment boxes in my imagination500 challenges. Please, if you see mistake like that or broken links, send a comment or e-mail my way. I try to stay on top, but I'm only a lowly human.
I've updated my Author profile.

The saying is 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions', right? Well, here's the deal: I've been really sick in the flu, which is why I haven't fixed the layout yet. The sections that are fixed are Essays, Misc and Skrivpuff. Reading stories in the other sections will be in a wonky layout.

I'm aware of the fact that changes in Disquus, who provide the comment boxes, has made the layout look a bit weird. I ask for your patience while I painstakingly slowly fix it.


I've published a new short-story called The Hidden Crime.

Site is now open to the public.

Published a new essay, A Comparison of Characters in E. Brontë's Wuthering Heights.
I've decided against moving comments. It was too much trouble. Luckily that means that the site will soon be finished.

Transferred Skuggan av Bror from Emerald Seraph to here. I've also started to manually transfer comments on stories from LJ to here. I won't alter them in any way, but if you have objections to me moving them and posting them in your name, I will remove them on request.

Transferred Fantasi, Mörkret, Blind, Släktens hemligheter, Tempus Fugit, Kattens observationer, Svar, Kyoto, Hos psykologen, Hoppa av livet, Av musik, Sinnets ärrvävnad, Krossat hjärta, B, Lånad Tid and Orange from Emerald Seraph to here.
Published a brand new Skrivpuff challenge, Permission, in which Erik and Darla finally get their asses in gear and get together.

Moved Ensam, Själaärr, Vad skulle hända?, Konsten att delegera, Brevet, Skavsår and Fart from Emerald Seraph to here.

Moved Never-Ending Labyrinth, Just Say Yes, Studying the Void, Coming to Collect, The Five Times I Saw - The Sixth I Didn't, A Head Full of Ghosts, Anna-Belle and Circles from Emerald Seraph to here.
Also published short-story The Race.

Moved Attraktion, Erik och Darla, En vänlig själ, E för Excentrisk, Schack Matt, Darlas ögon, Utropstecknet, Utbyte, Sjöjungfrun, Liljekonvaljer, Vikten av MVG (eller föräldrars press på barnen) and Darla from Emerald Seraph to here.

Moved Haunting, Fire and Ice, A Heart so White and Reason from Emerald Seraph to here.

Uploaded chapters 4-10 of The Ten Song Challenge.

Uploaded chapters 1-3 of The Ten Song Challenge.


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