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by C.R.M. Nilsson

The more we learn, the less we knowÖ stupid Socrates, stupid cryptic bullshit, stupid Philosophy class, why even bother with this shit? To even have a shot at understanding the material, you have to spend hours reading and writing and by the time youíve crammed the facts and understanding into your head it feels like your head is splitting into two.

Why bother?

Youíre about to give up, call it quits, when you reach for your books. Hands brush as you both reach for the same book, your partner still absent-mindedly reading before she looks up with a smile. Sheís getting honest pleasure out of reading the same material thatís giving you a headache. Your fingers tingle from the contact and you withdraw silently, settling down to read once again.

Right. Thatís why you bother.


Copyright C.R.M. Nilsson 2010

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