Terms of Use

Please understand that the ĒTerms of UseĒ are here for both your protection and mine; they are here to clearly state the boundaries of how material on this website may be used. These terms are legally binding and might be altered at any time.

Artworks, photographs, written works/stories/articles/poems, etc, posted by C.R.M. Nilsson (http://www.lacrimamens.com, http://kurainokoori.livejournal.com and all other websites) may be only used in accordance to terms listed below. Unless stated otherwise, all content posted by C.R.M. Nilsson is the property of C.R.M. Nilsson, copyright C.R.M. Nilsson and some if not most is prohibited from use, as specified in these terms:

1. Artworks, photographs, written works/stories/articles/poems, etc, are prohibited from being changed in any way, stolen/taken, re-posted, re-sized, re-coloured or anything that you can come up with, unless you have C.R.M. Nilssonís written consent, which you will have to gain for yourself by contacting her. This includes using Nilssonís images for website designs, add borders, cropping them, turning works into wallpapers, brushes, screensavers, fonts, nozzles, or any current or future software plug-in.

2. You are permitted to save C.R.M. Nilssonís artwork or stories onto your own computer. But that is only for personal viewing. Under no matter what circumstance are you allowed to repost stories and artwork onto to other sites. This is still valid if C.R.M. Nilsson feels the need to remove works from the site and they are not to be reposted if she reserves the right to do so.

3. You may print and display Nilssonís work for private use only; all other reproduction is prohibited. This means that her works are not to be compiled on a CD, software or other reproducible media; especially not if the compilation has a financial aim.

4. You may quote from material on the site, but only if you clearly credit (name, link).

5. Using Nilssonís artwork to represent your characters, as preview images in written works, or anything that equals borrow/taking, is prohibited without being granted permission, which again will have to be obtained by contacting Nilsson.

6. If granted permission to use her works in any way, you should be aware that she will be checking up on it regularly to see that you follow regulation. If she finds that you are violating regulations, sheíll ask you to remove them and youíll have a 72 hour window to comply. She also reserves the right to at any point, for any reason, ask you to remove her works from her website. You will receive the 72 hour window to do so, as well.

7. Even if you are granted permission to use her works, they are not to be altered in any way. They are also only allowed to be put on specified websites. If you wish to put it somewhere else as well, youíll have to ask again and wait for another permission to be granted.

8. Please refrain from using her works anywhere that promotes war, hate, child abuse, bigotry, racism, animal abuse and/or illegal pornographic activities.

Any violation against these terms will result in Nilsson taking steps to get her works off your website (or wherever else you may use them). In easier language: simply do not use her works without permission. Permission may be obtained by contacting her (please visit the page Contact).

Latest revision: 2010-11-23