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The first version of this site was hosted on Geocities, a free server that is going to close this autumn. That site was mostly to host my stories and therefore only had a very basic, boring design which only served that purpose.

My dad later bought me a domain name and I set to work to build up a site with a nicer design. But after some nasty business with a person stealing my works, I stopped posting them to the site. The site then only contained progress about my works and other updates on writing. In short: it was rather boring.

As well as for why it is in English… Well, I have a lot of friends from other countries and I want them to be able to follow my progress. Lately I’ve also started to write poetry mostly in English. There’s nothing to say that in the future I won’t put up an English and a Swedish version of the site.

After a while I realized that since I was still struggling to get into the market, this site was rather boring. With some added protections, I decided to start posting some short work to make this site a little nicer to visit.

Here we are now. I hope you enjoy the stay.
Site map
Here is a brief summary of how to find your way around the site.

Author – Here you can find a short biography about author C.R.M. Nilsson, which is updated at least once a year.
Site – Since you are here, you know that here you can read about site, as well as find this map that hopefully makes it easier to navigate around this website.
Terms of Use – These legally-binding terms are here for my protection and yours as well, and clears what you may and may not do with my work.
Contact – Different ways of coming in contact with me. Read carefully and use the correct address to make life easier for me, thank you.
Anthologies – Here is a list with brief summaries of antologies that I have been published in.
Short stories – This page features short stories that have been published in different magazines.
Works in progress
Being written – Here you can find what I am currently working on, by which I mean that I am writing the first version.
Being edited – Here is the works that I am editing: first I read through them (correcting grammar, making notes about inconsistencies), second thing is that I start to fine comb it and third is just to make sure that it is as good as it can be.
Mostly completed – Here is the works that have been edited and is ready for publishing.
Competitions – Different competitions, for writing or drawing, which I’ve taken part of, as well as results for said competions.
LJ – This is a link to my LJ, my blog, which opens in another window. Here I write about my writing, music, books, movies as well as my admittedly boring life. Warning is that I have the mouth of a sailor as well a tongue sharp as a razor.
Links – List of sites in different languages that I think are well worth a look.
Skrivpuff – This section contains stories that I have written for challenges on a blog called Skrivpuff and all the stories are written in Swedish. I have no plans to translate them to English.
Erik och Darla – These are centred round two characters I created for Skrivpuff and I plan to finish their story in the future. However, not with Skrivpuff challenges. All stories are written in Swedish.
notemeetsletter – These stories are all in English and written for challenges where you are supposed to be inspired by songs.