The Author

C.R.M. Nilsson was born and raised in Sweden. She still lives there and is still in school. She speaks two languages fluently and those are Swedish and English. She currently take Spanish, Latin and Chinese as courses.

She is the oldest child of two and has a younger sibling. In her family they are four persons; she, her sister, her mother and her father. She also has a very close relationship with her grandparents. Other members of her family are their animals; their horse Natash, more commonly known as Tarzan and her grandmother’s dog Cilla.

Her entire family loves animals and she grew up with different kind of animals surrounding her. At one point, her family owned seven rabbits. But they all died of old age a few years ago. All rabbits became eight or nine years old.

She really started writing in 2003 and completed her first work, Giftiga ord (Poisonous words) a collection of poetry that she has a special fondness of. In 2004, she started to write a series called Akarui no Tenshi that is not to this day finished. 2006 she wrote her first children’s book about the fox-spirit Tien and 2007 she finished Mörkrets skatter, a collection of short stories. 2007 was also the year when she completed her first work that was originally written in English. The collection of poetry, Dark, darker, darkest, is her favourite works as of yet. In early 2009 she also finished Skönheten som var Odjuret, a novel she's tried to write in various styles since 2003.

She has plans to keep on writing until she is out of words, and that’s not likely to happen.